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Cast And Crew

Cast: Bharat Raj Alekhya Rakesh Akkera Komal Agarwal Sruti Meher Nori Ravinder Reddy

Written & Directed by: Sreenivas Ittam

Produced by: Murali Mohan Kardas Praveen Dhatrika

Cinematography: Shobhan R. Vemula

Edited & Colored by: Hamza Ali

Music by: Ashwin Gaddam

Recording & Mixing: Laxvil Studio Salmon Jakkala

Executive Producer: Raj Kiran Akkera

Dubbing for Female Lead: N. Nagaswathy

Vfx: Raj Kumar Munaganti

Publicity Designs: Siddha Multy Arts

Prati Manishiki Oka goal untundi. adi neraverchukunenduku kontha samayam padtundi. alage Cinema Director avvadaniki entho krushi chestunna o yuvakudi katha ey Chitram. Entha try chesina correct platform dorakaka povatam inthalo parents call chesi 6 months lo ni goal reach avvu lekapote nen chepina pani cheyalsi vastundi ane call. ala prayatnalu chestuna samayamlo oka chance ravatam daniki sayapadadtaniki oka ammaitho parichayam erpadatam ila sagutunna samayamlo antha reverse avatam. taruvata em jarigindi, chetiki chikkina chance ni abbai use chesukuntada leda, ammai premanu pondutada leda, chivariki valamma chepina time lo target complete chestada leda anedi telsukovalante ee short film chudalsinde

Ashwin Gaddam Music Bagundi. Shobhan R. Vemula Cinematography film ni baga elevate chesindi Sreenivas Ittam execute chesina vidanam Correct ga set ayindi.

Positives : BGM, DOP, Dialogues

Negatives : Konni chotla expressions sariga palakaledu anipinchindi.

Final Line : A good Short Film With Impressive Music

chitram short film

Watch Chitram Short Film Here

Yugam Tanatho Kshanam Short Film Ll Directed By Sateesh Gandham

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  1. Bharat Raj says

    Thank you for the review.You people are so amazing.Like your approach on reviewing young film makers in helping them dream big for a greater future in achieving their goals.
    Jai Hind !

    1. Sravya says

      Hey Raj,your acting is fantastic in this short.I really liked the way you expressed your love in the dubbing studio..keep rocking!! All the best team chitram.

    2. Sravya says

      OMG!! what an act by the main lead,i literally felt him beside me during his intense dialogues..wonderful performance Raj and congrats for your Cannes film festival achievement. Congratulations Ittam for a wonderful story.

  2. sanjay says

    The credit goes to the Director and Music ,i think the review is not genuine.

    1. vinay says

      its ok bro,not to worry for that first of they trying to promote fresh talents..Let them try..
      Raj anna nuv champesav poo…nu kirakkk!!
      music adaragottesadu..
      my favourite is climax..thopu undi

  3. Rajib Koner says

    Congrats all for putting together such a hard work for a common goal. It clearly reflects that everyone contributed beyond their capability. Hats off Sreenivas. Keep up the good work! God bless…

  4. Ram(DOP) says

    Wow..What an interesting climax and the music do fantastic..
    Raj did a superb performance and without him there is no soul to this story.I din’t liked the review about the actors.girl chala cute ga undi

  5. Shashank Ram.. says

    Babu Bharat inka short films manesei pls…Don’t waste ur acting in short films …You honestly deserve big screen and you are 100 % Director’s actor.Dubbing scene lo ne dialogue variations kummesav

  6. Valli says

    Raaaaaaj…..I love you sooooo much…Oh my goodness really liked the way you proposed…I mean I felt ur words to my heart.Pls do more love stories..Love you

  7. Sindhu says

    I loved it…I need a boyfriend who speaks like him..Actor of director role did

  8. Hussain says

    Bharat Bhai…Aap ne kamaal kardiya pyar ka kahaani pe bhi..Insha Allah Aap bahut attractive aur talented actor hai

  9. Suresh Bellam.. says

    Raj Garu meeru ma project lo kuda act cheyali pls..meelanti actors untey story ni chala chakkaga express cheyochu.

  10. Lisa jain says

    Hey Raj,you are so wonderful in your role and the way you expressed your love to her is so natural ,God bless you for a great projects .I’m confident that you are a directors actor and a star material.

  11. Raju verma says

    Music and direction are fantastic.Nice team effort

  12. Pablo says

    wow raj .. acto fantástico por usted, sobre todo vaya a través de los subtítulos en inglés, pero su acto doeznt necesita un idioma

  13. Haruto says


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