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Indian Entrepreneur and Financial Technology Author Vijaya Bhaskar Jatoth Interview

Vijaya Bhaskar Jatoth tells about his company and Books

Hooane Founder and CEO Vijaya Bhaskar Jatoth in an interview with Rajesh talks about the company’s plan to increase efficiency by snipping losses and creating a cost-effective business.


His Vision to establish a multinational vertically-integrated company that will address the current impediments – multiple intermediaries, low share of consumer-rupee, low productivity and low exports – and share the tapped-value with value-chain participants. The approach will be three-pronged – supply-chain integration, productivity focused technology-transfer and strategic marketing of Indian products.

Hooane Ltd is an Indian New emerging multinational technology company headquartered in Warangal, Telangana.
Hooane Ltd Hails by Vijaya Bhaskar Jatoth in 2013, to develop and sell basic Ideas of Technology through Online Credia. It rose to dominate the Technology knowledge of the basic users of Online followers. At present acknowledgement on technology research is under promotion to get various encroachments.

Here is an Detailed Interview with Vijaya Bhaskar Jatoth on Life Experiences, Education.

So where do the business opportunity reside for you?

Business opportunity resides in tier 2, 3 and 4 cities and smaller towns in India, The aim is to bring Education sector Online and make the student base transact online. In fact, more than 20% students are delivered with the Online education in India. I believe that by next year, we would be able to deliver 50%.

How was your study in Tier 2, 3 Colleges in India?

Did my schooling in Tier 2 cities of India in Warangal. Whereas my engineering went smooth in Metropolitan cities of India, We cannot compare both cause they have there own problems in Technology implementation. Although from time to time gradually India’s growth in Education Sector went peaks.

Published Two Books on Education and Financial Technology in India could you please elaborate it?

My major contributions were these book as they more talk about the futuristic view of Indian Education and Financial Technology Sectors. Education is the key to unlocking and building lasting value in a robust economy and the Financial sector are among the country’s most valuable assets. Both are key priorities to enable the Government to support the economic recovery and national prosperity.

That’s great catching up with the Young Entrepreneur. We didn’t made any personal Convection with him as his goals were majorly contributing to reform Indian Educational Technology Sector.

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